Date of establishment of diplomatic relations with Vietnam: 11/02/1973

Right after Bangladesh's independence, Bangladesh supported Vietnam War against America. Government of Bangladesh condemned the bombing of the North of Vietnam. Mass movement support Vietnam against the United States was very high this time and spread across the country. Bangladesh was the first country in South Asia, and was the 2nd country in Asia not under socialist regimes have recognized and established diplomatic relations with the ambassadorial level Provisional Revolutionary Government of South Vietnam. Both countries began to exchange some groups of experts and had some economic exchanges during this time.

From 1990 to present, relations between the two sides have many new developments, important in both political and economic trends.

On May 11th 1993, Bangladesh set up its embassy in Hanoi and Vietnam reopen our embassy in Dhaka from January 1st in 2003. The two countries exchanged high-level visits.

We visited Bangladesh, including: Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet (9-10/March/1997), President Tran Duc Luong (22-24/March/2004), Minister of Foreign Affairs Nguyen Dy Nien (16-18/July/2003), Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Le Duong Quang (14-17/November/2009).

They visited Vietnam, including: Commerce Minister T. Ac-meter (September/1996), Foreign Minister ASA-dat (May/1999), Agriculture Minister MK An-oa (October/2003), Minister of Foreign Minister M. Mold-clay Khan and Minister of Culture and Se-li-ma Out-man (July/2004), Prime Minister of the Kha-le-multi Di-a (17-19/May/2005), Minister of Industrial Tapes Bangladesh Dilip Barua (30-31/May/2009).

Foreign Minister of Bangladesh, Di-Mo-ni pu met Deputy Prime Minister/Minister of Foreign Affairs Pham Gia Khiem on the sidelines of the Non-Aligned Summit in Egypt (16/July/2009).

Deputy Minister of Science, Information Technology and Communication of Bangladesh visited Vietnam (15-23/August/2009). Minister of Bangladesh Posts and Telecommunications R.U. A-meters-du Out of Forum the world of information technology (WITFOR) in Hanoi (26-28/August/2009). Minister of Health and Social Welfare of Bangladesh Bangladesh Ha-Ru-han visited Vietnam (18-19/November/2009).

The two sides had conducted joint committee meeting for the first time (led by the Minister of Trade and Industry) in Vietnam (6-7/Febuary/2006).

Trade relations between Vietnam-Bangladesh are still small but are growing in a positive direction. In 2008, total two-way trade volume reached about 64.6 million USD.
Vietnam exports to Bangladesh mainly consists such as fabric, plastic products, rattan products, bamboo products, seagrass rugs, rubber, computers, electronic products, wooden products, ceramic, porcelain ... Bangladesh exports to Vietnam including pharmaceuticals, fabrics, textile raw materials leather, fiber types, machinery, appliances and parts, electronic components, fertilizer. ..

Cooperation in other areas are not well-developed, mainly limited to the exchange of experiences on the development of infrastructure, small and medium enterprises, fisheries, environmental protection .... Two sides are striving to bring the economic and trade cooperation as well as on other sectors such as agriculture - fisheries, industrial, industry, finance, banking, culture, education-training, tourism, medical ... to match the political relations.

The two sides cooperation in international forums such as the UN, the Non-Aligned Movement, ASEAN ... Bangladesh supported Vietnam in joining the UN Security Council non-permanent/UN and WTO. Vietnam supported Bangladesh in joining ARF, Mekong-Ganga River Cooperation, ASEM, East-West Economic Corridor.Two countries have signed 14 Agreement in political, economic, trade and investment...​


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